2 November 2006

We got a cover girl!
Louise is on the cover of the new issue of the German paintball magazine Paintball7. =)

16 October 2006

FL Charms is featured in the latest newsletter from NPPL. Have a look at what they have to say!

12 October 2006

A lot is happening with FLC right now. Two new girls have signed up for the team - Solrunn and Helen. We have had our eyes on these girls for some time now and they have proved to be as good as we thought.

Next week eight of us are heading for sunny California and the last event of the NPPL. Do I need to say we are looking forward to play?? It's getting a bit too chilly in Scandinavia so we are of courese taking some well earned vacation as well. :-)

14 August 2006

Sebban, the founder of MASH Paintball Arena and lucky Louise's great catch, also brought his camera to Paris this summer. Enjoy his pictures here!

9 August 2006

Photo: Erik Chateau

Time flies - but we haven't forgotten what we promised last week! Our good friend Erik Chateau was also at the Paris event - and here are the pictures he sent us! Look in the the gallery section - as usual :)

3 August 2006

We have some goodies waiting for you guys, and here's the first of many! Jean from http://photoball.free.fr has sent us some pictures from the 7 Man World Cup at Euro Disney in Paris. See the action shots in the the gallery section!

18 July 2006

The event report from Paris is now ready for you. Just click here.
Our third place has drawn some attention from newspapers in Scandinavia, see our article section.

Next event for us are this weekend (22 July). It's part of the Northern European Series (NES). We haven't played that many Scandinavian events yet this year so we really looking forward to this one. =)

14 July 2006

We took Third place at the Millennium event in Paris. :-)
A big thanks to all our friends (teams, sponsors, boyfriends) that supported us during the weekend. We couldn't have done this without you!

Congrats to all the Scandinavian teams that made it to the podium this event; Joy, Menace, DowBdx, Pretorians.

Photo: Lene Graee

20 June 2006

The vicious circle was broken in Madrid! After lousy results in Marseille and Bitburg we finally made it to the Sunday club. Read more about it.

Photo: Eric Chateau

14 June 2006

FINALLY - It's about time we gave you guys some news, don't cha think? Well, we have got some fresh new pics, you don't wanna miss out on these! (Especially not the last few from Marseille - they're hilarious!!!)

As always, they're available for your pleasure in the the gallery section!

15 April 2006

No more porn, no more annoying ads, simply pure chit-chat - The girls have a new forum and are dying to talk to you!
Go to the new forum and leave us a message!

13 April 2006

Show your support to your favorite team - Buy the FLC bumbersticker!
Check out our "for sale" section

9 April 2006

Practise in Oslo
We've already played the first Millennium of the year - but in Scandinavia, the winter will stay put for at least another month.

Ever wondered how it's like to practise in Scandinavia this time of year? All you need is a fotball field (they're the only fields without snow), 20 strong guys to build up a netting, a heated tent, a strong will to put up with the snowy weather, the ponds on the field and an ice cold gun. Other than that, it's just pure paintball joy!

Have a look at Charms first outdoor practise for the season - together with Menace and Get lost.

4 April 2006

Two new articles have been added to the media archive.

28 March 2006

FL Charms proudly presents the companies supporting us for the upcoming season:
Smart Parts, Procaps, R7, Semcon, Reball, Mash, Wizeguy and Altitec!

Read all about it here!

2 February 2006

Upclose and personal - Anja is Playmate of the Month at www.paintball.se

26 January 2006

It's time to change your old wallpaper! Here's a brand new one. New year = new style. No more Miss Nice Girl

14 January 2006

Pretty in pink?? O well...these beanies will protect the ears of the Charms girls during the rest of the cold Scandinavian winter...brrr...we all dream of playing paintball outdoors again....only four month to go...