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Event Report NPPL (Orange County, LA USA)

The Culture
USA – the land of opportunities where all your dreams come true? You order a small milkshake and get a huge one. There are so many different hamburger places that we stopped counting and food and candy can be served in all kinds of severe colours. But why do Americans order large cokes when you have free refill everywhere? Why is everything in the States big and almost too much when you can't get a strong cup of coffee? ;-)

The Site and Fields
Last year we played the NPPL in Huntington Beach and everything was fantastic. This time we were amazed, what have happened? In Europe you pay half the money, you get real astro turf, you get refs that are educated and work their ass off. There is practically no cheating in Millennium because you get penalties even if you play with a hit on your harness. It was amazing what the players could get away with at the NPPL! So we like to see better and more active refs and better surface on the fields. What we really liked was the air stations at the entrance of all the fields, the weather, the range of food and drinks, and the big grandstand.

The Games and Finals
It took us a few games to adjust to the way the American teams play. It is different compared to the European way.
The first day was hard, and we played against really good teams like Rock it kids and XSV influence, that btw took the first place in division 2. We only managed to win 1 game on Friday, but we got or act together and had a wonderful Saturday with 3 wins out of 4. The sad thing was that we needed one more win to have a chance to play the quarterfinals. Instead we be spent the afternoon signing our poster at the Draxxus stand.
On Sunday we enjoyed the sunny weather and the exciting finals.
Big congrats to all the guys in Joy Division!

After the event all the girls took some well earned days off. Gambling in Vegas, wine-tasting in Napa Valley, San Francisco...mmm it was hard leaving the sunny California to go back to the cold Scandinavia.

Thank you Smart Parts and Spesh for the lovely and entertaining dinner ;), Procaps, Draxxus, R7, Semcon, and we would like to say hello to the hundredth monkey – funny guys!

Take care you all and see you next season.
Love from the Girls

Event Report Millennium Series # 4 (Millennium Cup, Paris France)

Laurent Hamet = Good
This French guy and his crew have done it again. An almost perfect event - only Marseille could beat this one. The things that could have led Paris into perfection were if the bunkers had been properly inflated during the field walking on Thursday. It was frustrating to have to ask the organisation five times to get the bunkers re-inflated..

Field layouts and the turf were great, especially on the CPL field. The site was set up in a good way, but it was kind of hidden from the ordinary Disneyland visitors. Food was served at the site this time. It was a relief to don’t have to eat at McDonalds every day but we missed the pasta from Madrid and Bitburg.

We must say that we were very pleased with the marsh alling this event. They kept the schedule rolling on time; they were fare and didn’t pull 1-4-1 for nothing.

We started out with two wins and two losses on Friday but on Saturday no team could match us. So with six wins out of eight we moved on to the attractive Sunday Club as the fourth team.

S- Club
In the quarterfinals we were up against Bad Element, Crossfire and Royal. FL Charms and Bad Element took two wins each but this time the margins were on our side and we moved to the semi with two more body counts than Bad Element. In the semi final the girls played against Xtreme and unfortunately for us, Xtreme was the better team. We had to battle against Comin at ya for the third place. The first win went to FL Charms, the second game we drawed but in the last game we won easily and went home with a nice trophy.
It felt really good to finally step onto that podium again! :-)

Congratulations to all the Scandinavians!
Congrats to Praetorians, the winning team in D2. They were the 14:th team to enter the S-Club (after being beaten by us btw). Still they managed to go through the semis and finals unbeaten. But hey Fliz – your ass still belongs to Lollo! =)
Also congratulations to all the Scandinavian teams on the podium this event; Joy Division, Menace, Ducks and DowBdx.

Sponsors we cannot play without
We proudly present: Smart Parts, Procaps/Draxxus, Semcon, R7, V-Force and Reball.

See you all in London!
Kisses from FL Charms

Photo: Lene Graee

Event Report Millennium Series # 3 (Iberian Cup - Madrid, Spain)

Real Madrid Arena or a backyard?
Were we surprised when we arrived at the fields? We knew that the site was no longer in the centre of Madrid but now we ended up in the middle of nowhere Fubu…something. After successes like Marseille and Bitburg we think Madrid was a disappointment to many teams. The first impression wasn’t satisfying at all. No grass or turf on the Dye field, the CPL field was a few metres shorter then it should be and the turf at the Tomahawk was similar to the turf Scandinavians use as decoration on their balconies or patios. And there were only two toilets for all the players, luckily there were not many spectators outside of paintball there to see this.

We love food!
But! Small things that made the tournament ok and in some points terrific was the delicious food at the site, and that everything was so cheap in comparison to other tournaments. The fields were really fun to play on. The players’ area was great and a funny detail was the basket ball area for the players that wanted to exercise even more.
But the best of all was that the scheduled was on time.

The Games
The vicious circle was broken! After lousy results from Marseille and Bitburg our team finally made it to the Sunday club without trouble. In the prelims we beat Crossfire, the Evil Pigs and our friends B4. In the quarter finals our pool was a tough one with teams like Sus Scrofa, Crossfire, and Stealers Am.
One game to remember was the one against Stealers Am – our Smart Parts colleges. They weren’t too happy to loose the game when they were five players left against two girls. Anja and Maria made the game of their life and shot them all out. We have never ever heard so many bad words coming out of an Englishman’s mouth like after that game!

We won two out of three games in the quarter finals and so did Sus Scrofa too. When everything was summed up we had missed the semis by three body counts. FL Charms ended up in 6:th place. :-)

Sponsors :-)
Smart Parts, Procaps, Draxxus, Semcon, R7, Reball.

Event Report Millennium Series # 1 (7-man World Cup – Marseille)

Let’s complain a little about the weather.....
Our hopes and expectations were enormous. We thought we would go out there and make some paintball history….maybe we did. We accomplished the worst results as an FL Charms team ever. How could this happen? We have practiced so hard the whole winter season - with reballs and in small indoor fields – playing outdoors became a chock to us. So, the weather and practising conditions is unfortunately nothing we can do about. Even now in April it snows in Sweden. Still this is not an excuse for our lousy results!

Nobel prize winning event
We can’t complain about anything – the tournament was wonderful. We can honestly say that Marseille was the best Millennium tournament ever. If we had played better we would give it the Nobel Prize. ;-) The fields were great, the overall marshalling was good, the food was perfect, you got to love the French coffee, the weather was like heaven on earth for all the Scandinavians, the trade stands had good locations, live music – there is really nothing to remark on.

New sponsors
We are proud of the gear we received from our new sponsors Draxxus and R7 and of course Smart Parts and Semcon that stick by us at all times. Next tournament we’ll make you proud.

Congrats to BE4 – the winning team in D2. We were supposed to play you in the finals but we are saving all our energy to Bitburg. ;)
See you all there!
With Love / FL Charms

Photo: Eric Chateau

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