FL Charms' signings for the upcoming season

  • Smart Parts - We have signed a two year sponsorship agreement with Smart Parts! We continue to shoot their excellent Shockers with Freak barrel system. New for this year is the preset airsystem Micro Maxflo. We are also going to wear their new line of protection gear and clothing.

  • Procaps - For the season 2006, we will shoot Draxxus paintball, wear the stylish Draxxus tournament pants and protect our pretty faces with the angry looking Vforce Profiler!

  • R7 - Check out the comfortable and smart modular pack systems from R7! You'll never want to use any other pack.

  • Swedish companies supporting us this season are Semcon Sweden AB, MASH Paintball, Reball and Wizeguy Paintball.

    We also have a Norwegian company on board this year; Altitec. If you need batteries - they have them all! And the best part: They ship for free within Scandinavia!

    Check out our sponsor page to read more about the companies!