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SNext Event - Orange County Fair + Expo 20-22 OCT 2006

The lovely ladies
of Scandinavia
are back!

FL Charms, the Scandinavian all-girl team with the pink jerseys and Shockers, will be playing the NPPL Commander’s Cup in Orange County October 20 - 22! This team first showed up on the international paintball scene at the 7 Man World Cup in Toulouse in 2002 and has been a regular sight at the Millennium Series events ever since. Counting their achievements, this team is the unofficial world’s best all-girl team!

FL Charms (No, they’re not from Florida! The correct way to write the team name would be F.L. Charms – but they claim to be lazy ;) ) are made up of 11 dedicated girls from the three countries Norway, Sweden and Denmark – you know, the small peninsulas in the northern corner of Europe.

Because of the distances, the team practices together once a month but each individual player practices several times a week at their local field. During the winter it is impossible to train paintball outdoors in Scandinavia. You know why when you see these pictures from their practise in Oslo, Norway in April this year:

Instead the team plays on small indoor fields using both Reballs and paint, without them, practice in the winter time would be rare.

The girls feel very lucky to have some of the best players in the world to help them during practices and tournaments. Most of you have probably heard about Sebban and Brian from Stockholm Joy Division, but they also get help from Stian from Oslo Menace, Koffe from Stockholm Ignition and Tony from London Nexus. Well, they are the girls’ mentors on-field and – sorry to all the guys hoping and praying out there – some of the girls’ partners off-field as well.

When it comes to managing the team, the girls are working by the “do it yourself” style. Sponsorships, coaching, travels, etc. are all managed within the team. “We’re all highly educated and modern women – so why let someone else decide for us?”, they say.

Always showing good sportsmanship, true love for the sport, dedication and a professional attitude has helped them get some of the largest companies in the paintball industry on board with them. FL Charms play with pink Shockers with Freak barrels and Micro Max-Flo from Smart Parts. They shoot the best paint; Hellfire from Draxxus, and carry it around in harnesses from R7. Their pretty faces are protected by the VForce Profiler and Semcon Sweden AB helps the team financially. And all their electronic equipment are fuelled by batteries from Altitec.no.

This trip is not the girls’ first time to the States. In 2002, they played 10 man at the World Cup in Orlando, Florida, and last year, they attended the NPPL event in Huntington Beach, California. The team has stood on the podium at the Millenium Series several times and the best result in the 2006 season was their 3rd place in Division 2 at EuroDisney in Paris, France.

To get into the ”zone”, the girls are planning to have a quick practice on Wednesday prior to the event. Look for more information about the practice on their web site, if you want to test your skills against the girls! And if you can’t be there, don’t worry, you’ll get your chance: The team will appear as one of the featured teams in the new version of Greg Hastings Max’d Paintball video game, scheduled to be released next month!

If you want to know more about this charming team, have look at their web site: http://www.flcharms.com – or come watch them live at the Orange County Fair and Expo center during the NPPL Commander’s Cup October 20-22!

Pictures (photos by Erik Chateau):

Emma Sundström Kate Alice Furøy
Kristine Myhre Andersen
Maria Burström
Laura Paw Anja Kristensen
Sofia Sundström Louise Samuelsson
Cecilia Sundström Lene Graee

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