FL Charms was founded in the summer of 2001 in Norway. Five girls devoted to
paintball wanted to play tournament paintball and started an all-girl team. The team needed more players and recruited players from Denmark and Sweden.
Today our team is a Scandinavian based team with players from Norway, Sweden, Denmarkk and Lithuania.

In 2002 we entered the 7-Man World Cup in Toulouse, Campaign Cup in London
and Joy Masters in Stockholm for the first time as a novice team. At Joy Master we managed to get to the semi finals. At the World Cup in Orlando 2002 we also tried the 10-man format.

In 2003 FL Charms moved up to amateur B and was the first all girl-team to participate in all the legs of the Millennium Series. We made it to the semi finals at DMA in Amsterdam and Campaign Cup in London.

Since then, we have attended the Millennium Series every year, and played numerous tournaments, too many to mention them all. We're still going strong, and we're all looking forward to the 2013 season!

The Team name

The team name Fat Lady’s Charms confuse some people. It comes from the team
“Fat Lady” that used to play at a local field in Oslo, Norway. The girls wanted to have Fat Lady in the team name to show its origin. Therefore it became the “Fat Lady’s Charms” (or lucky charms).


During the 2013 season FL Charms are going to play in the Millennium Series (Division 2) and PBSM, the Swedish Paintball Championship (Division 1). For more information about the tournaments we are participating in, have a look at our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/FLCharms

It is also important to us to show the world that girls can play paintball.
Hopefully we can inspire other girls to get into tournament paintball.


Our team slogan is “There’s nothing charming about us” and we are all proud to be "Sisters in Arms" ;)